Signing Form 941

Do you know that you are required to sign your Form 941 to
E-file it with IRS?

Yes. In order to complete and e-file your Form 941 with IRS, you need to either use 94x Online Signature PIN or Form 8453-EMP.

Our Software is capable of providing both the features for you to e-file your Form 941.

You can apply for a 94x online signature PIN for free with our software and you can expect your PIN from IRS within the 45 days of applying. And if your Form 941 is due and you need to file it immediately, you can use Form 8453-EMP to sign your Form 941 online.

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Features that simplifies your 941 E-file

941 IRS Authorized

IRS Authorized

Interview Style Filing Process

Interview Style Filing Process

941 Automatic & Accurate Calculation

Automatic & Accurate Calculation

Form 941 Schedule B, Form 8974, & Form 941-V

Includes Schedule B, Form 8974, & Form 941-V

941 Internal Audit Check

Internal Audit Check

Apply 94x Online Signature PIN for Free

Apply 94x Online Signature PIN for Free

Form 8453-EMP

Use Form 8453-EMP to Sign & E-file Form 941

Instant Filing Status

Instant Filing Status

Access Form Copy Anytime

Access Form Copy Anytime

U.S Based Customer Support

U.S Based Customer Support

Timely Deadline Reminder

Timely Deadline Reminder

File 941 for Prior Years

File 941 for Prior Years

In additional, Tax Professionals can avail the following features

Manage Multiple Businesses

Manage Multiple Businesses

Tax Professionals can add and manage to file for all their clients under a single account.

Bulk Upload Template

Bulk Upload Template

Tax Professionals are provided with Bulk Upload Template to upload all their clients 941 information into our system instantly.

Schedule R (Form 941)

Are you an aggregate Form 941 filer?

We have a solution covered for you as well. Yes. We do support
Schedule R (Form 941), Allocation Schedule for Aggregate Form 941 Filers.

Contact us to know more about our solution or to schedule a demo.

  1. Create a free account

    Just fill in basic information like Name, email, phone number and set a password to get started with your free account.

  2. Choose Form 941

    We support most of the federal tax forms required for an employer. Choose “Form 941” from the dashboard and continue.

  3. Add your Business Information

    You will be prompted to add your basic business information like business name, EIN, address, signing authority, etc

  4. Choose Quarter & Tax Year you are filing for

    As we support prior year filing as well, you will be prompted to file 941 for the quarter and tax year of your choice.

  5. Follow Interview Style Process

    You will be walked through the step by step process which helps to complete your Form 941.

  6. Review your Form Summary

    You will be taken to the Form summary page where you can see your form information. If you found any correction you can edit right from there.

  7. Signing Form 941

    You can use 94x Online Signature PIN or Form 8453-EMP to sign and authenticate your Form 941.

  8. Pay and Transmit your return to IRS

    Pay your e-file fee of $4.95/return and transmit your return to IRS directly through our software.

Watch a 3 minute Demo Video to see how simple it is to e-file your Form 941

Form 941 E-file pricing starts at just $4.95/return

Pricing includes Schedule B (Form 941), Form 8453-EMP, and Form 8974

High volume filers, please contact our support team to get a discount on your filings.

Having any queries or concerns?

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